Introducing a New Proprietary Liquid Transportation System

TTS, LLC and LemcoStar LLC are launching an efficient, new bulk liquid transportation system that frees up your assets to make more money.

The TransiTank turns a regular 53-foot dry van into a bulk liquid carrier, benefiting you in ways you never thought possible.

Imagine a world where profits are spilling over!

Consider the cost of a food-grade tanker hauling freight from Los Angeles, California to Houston, Texas. For example, the transportation cost would end up around $6000. Whereas, the total cost of using the TransiTank including back-haul, would be $3500. That’s 53 percent cost-savings.

With the TransiTank, you no longer have to search for an available tanker truck, pay their high premiums and their backhaul. The TransiTank is the industry’s first polypropylene tank individually sized to carry a full load of wide-ranging non-hazardous chemical and food grade products in a box van, such as industrial oils, wine, bio-diesel and molasses.

Welcome to a world with limitless options for your liquid assets.
Schedule a meeting at the IANA Expo to find out how the TransiTank:
  • Expands your shipping opportunities
  • Optimizes your backhaul
  • Reduces freight costs
  • Increases the efficiency of your supply chain

  • You Can Tank Us Later!

    Increase Your Options for Profit

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